Behind the scene of an image

I love this photo so much.  Yet, there’s nothing spectacular about it, nothing to be amazed of.  Only a barn and a snow-covered field.  But, for me, it represents something that I really love.  The country.

IMGP5181 Exposure blending red.900  tout le kit et grange -noir 2

I must love this photo a lot to have spent 6 hours only to remove two trees in the foreground.  These trees were spoiling the composition.  They were going all the way from the bushes to the barn, to the tree and into the sky.  When removing the trunks and branches it would leave some marks so I had to work these areas by drawing branches in the bushes, planks on the side and lines on the roof of the barn and many of the tiny little branches on the tree.  I had to paint colours in the sky and shadows on the snow near the barn.  I knew this would be very time-consuming getting rid of those trees and at first I didn’t want to work on this, but I just couldn’t let it go…   So it was many hours to restore this image and only then I could edit the rest of it.   This image is a blending of three different exposures using luminosity masks in Photoshop.  Christopher O’Donnell wrote a tutorial on how to work with luminosity masks, click here to read it.  It didn’t go exactly as how he explains it in his tutorial so I’ll have to practice this technique again.

I also love this photo with a more vintage look

IMGP5181 Exposure blending red.900 sharp 2 vintage DJpeg - noir 2

We’re having a little break from the cold spell, here’s a photo of Winny playing in the snow during one of these polar colds.

IMGP5093 PS CE Red.900 sharp 2 + clair 3

And since I’m ending this post with a photo of my dog, I’m sharing a link to a wonderful slide show from professional photographer Julie Clegg’s from Bailey & Banjo.  If you love dogs this will put a smile on your face, guaranteed !  (Thanks Janina for sending me this link 🙂 )  Click here for the slide show.

I wish you all a wonderful week.  Be happy, be sweet, laugh a lot, smile and dance in the rain or in the snow !



From me to you…

My dear friends,

#Christmas  #Noël  #Christmas decorations  #Décorations noël

As I visit your blogs and discover new ones I am delighted by the talents you all have, whether it be photography, writing or drawing to name a few.  We have blogs in part because we have this need to share what we love with other people.  Sharing is innate in us and part of human nature.  But what impresses me most is the spontaneity of your friendship, of your kindness that you give so generously in your comments and that is what I hold most dear in my blog.  I would love to visit each one of you more often than I do, there is so much to see, so many interesting posts.  I do my best, if only days could be longer…

So, dear friends, I come today to wish you a wonderful holiday season and a beautiful Christmas surrounded by those you love.  And I hope the new year will bring you inspiration, awe, peace, joy and love in your hearts and maybe even see a few of your dreams come true.

It was fun taking these photos with my little Winny, but I’m not sure he had as much fun as I did…

#shetland sheepdog, #dog, #chien, #

#Christmas  #Noël  #shetland sheepdog  #dogs  #chiens  #berger de shetland

#Christmas  #Noël  #Christmas decorations  #Décorations de noël  #pine cones

Safe travels to all of you who will take the road on Christmas and New Year’s day.  I will be traveling to Montreal on New Year’s eve to celebrate with my family.

Have a beautiful end of week everybody 🙂


p.s.  I’m not sure if it’s my computer or a problem with WordPress, but in a lot of blogs some photos appear either like little thumbnails or much too big instead of the right size.  If it happens here, just refresh the page until the photos return to their normal size.

My little Winny

Hi everybody !

This was a long post to prepare as there were many photos to edit, but I’m finally posting it and I’m happy to present you my little Winny.

collage red.640

His name is Winston but I rarely call him that, I prefer Winny.  He’s a Shetland Sheep Dog and has just turned four years old last December.  When he arrived home four years ago it was Valentine’s day, just like today.  I can’t think of a better day to welcome a puppy and of a better gift !  He was my sweet Valentine’s puppy !

Meeting Winny for the first time.  He was five weeks old.

bébé winnie red

Often when you go to choose a dog, one of them will come along and make a gesture towards you more than the others.  I believe it is a sign that the dog has chosen you.  The day I met Winny I had seen other puppies and none of them made any significant move as I was petting them.  My little Winny was the one who made the move.  As my boyfriend was holding him Winny gave him a kiss and he did the same when I held him.  Isn’t it cute ?  What a sweet puppy !

Winny (to the right) with his brother Porto and their breeder.  Say Awwwwwww…. !

IMG_1182 PS sharp red

Chantal, the breeder, wouldn’t let us go with Winny until she was sure we were going to treat him well.  She raises puppies underhand and asks many questions before completing a sale.  Winny is a high-spirited, full of energy and playful dog.  We call him the little firefly.  He adores playing outside with a ball, taking long walks in the woods and one sport he really enjoys is wrestling…

IMGP1584 PS sharp red 900 et plus sharp 2

IMGP1645 PS Color Efex 2- 39 px sharp et matte plus sharp 2

He has a girlfriend, Maya, a two years old Cocker Spaniel I care for on week days.

IMG_2985 PS avec sharp red 900-2

PS 1 sharp

Winny has a thick coat and every two months I back-comb him (I hope you understand what I mean, I couldn’t find a better word for “rebrousse-poil”) to make sure his hair hasn’t matted and to also verify if he has minor injuries or skin problems.  It takes me four to five hours to comb him.

IMG_3952 Color Efex 73 px sharp

Like most Shetland he is very vocal and when he wants something he will ask and “speak” in his own language.  It is so funny to hear his plaintive sighs and vocalise, he can be so exuberant !

IMGP1796 Color Efex 3  62 px avec sharp 2

IMGP2587 PS color efex 2 avec sharp 2 red 640 pour blog 3

IMGP2637 PS Blog sharp

The funniest thing about Winny is his love of toes.  He just loves them !  Whenever he can, he will pull your socks off, even to visitors !  Each night at dinner he comes under the dining table and pulls at our socks.  He also really enjoys chewing our toes !  I just adore him !

IMGP2009 PS red 60 px sharp

IMG_1594 PS Color efex vintage red 900 sharp

If you love puppy stories, David Patterson’s blog has a lot of fun posts about his new puppy Oliver, a Golden Retriever.  Since his arrival in their family last November, David has regularly posted photos of the cute Oliver.  And while you’re there take a look at his earlier posts, he is a great photographer and has many wonderful photos of Acadia National Park and other beautiful places in Maine.  Click here to go to his blog.

I hope you will have a beautiful week-end.  I can’t believe it’s already mid-February, it’s going too fast, I have a lot of photos I still want to take this winter.  I’m afraid I won’t have enough time !


I’m joining Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday



Sleeping little Winny

Hello !

I just love puppies !  Aren’t they adorable ?  I thought I would present my little Winny since I sometimes mention him in my posts, but I will begin when he was a puppy at the age of three months.  I remember the first month we had him, when he wasn’t housebroken and I had to take him outside in the middle of the night at -25°C so he could pee.  And then I had to get up early in the morning (6 a.m. is pretty early for me !)  to watch and play with him because he wouldn’t want to sleep anymore.  I would take him outside to play in the snow and then he would be so tired that he’d fall asleep for a few hours.  This was when I took some photos of him sleeping.  He was so adorable, it was hard to resist kissing him to let him sleep !  And sometimes he would sleep in the most awkward places, and, of course, I couldn’t resist capturing the moment…

Enough with the photos, I’m trying to sleep here !

Sweet dreams…

Sleeping in the curtains…  This way no one sees me and I won’t be disturbed.

Sleeping on top of magazines… Very comfortable !

Maybe the smell knocked him out ?

Oooh…don’t kiss him Jocelyne, let him sleep !

Winny is now 3 years old, he has become a good and beautiful dog.

I have more photos to share, like when he plays with his ball and his friend Maya, an English cocker spaniel, but that will be in another post.

For now, I’m off to see the ducks on Chaudière river, they are many at this time of year, and of course Winny will come along.

I hope you’re having a great week-end !