One of my favourite flowers : Lilacs

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It may not be the prettiest, elegant and majestic tree if compared to oak trees or maple trees, but common lilacs have qualities many other trees lack :  They produce beautifully abundant flowers which exhume the most exquisite of perfumes.  Each year a bouquet graces my home, filling the air with its exuberant fragrance.  Flowers are so therapeutic.  Looking at them and caring for them makes me feel lighter and happier.  And a few bouquets of lilacs is a wonderful way to add a note of cheerfulness in my home.

#Lilacs, #flowers, #bouquet of lilacs

#Lilacs, #Bouquet of lilacs, #Flowers, #lilac still life

#lilacs, #lilac still life, #flowers, #bouquet of lilacs

Climbing honeysuckle is in bloom at the moment, and in the coming days irises will reveal their beautiful blooms, and shortly after, peonies and roses will make their grand entrance in the garden.  What a delight for the eyes it will be !

Happy Summer dear friends !



Bad temperature = Still life photos :)

Hello everybody !

It’s a good thing I love to create still life photos because otherwise I wouldn’t have anything else to post today.  The weather has been so bad in April with cold temperatures, rain and strong winds.  So, instead of going out on photographic excursions, I settled in and looked around my home to see what I could come up with.  I have many decorative objects in my home so I don’t have to search very far to find some nice objects  that would make beautiful still life, and from time to time I like to buy objects for the sole purpose of photographing them.  Here are my latest still life photos.

Flowers, still life

still life photos, lavender still life photos,

still life photos, flowers still life photos

still life photos, flowers still life photos, roses still life photos

still life photos, flowers still life photos, vintage flowers

In case you’re wondering, no, I haven’t purchased a piano just to photograph it !  It’s from a friend’s home 🙂

still life photos, piano still life photos

More still life are to come.  I have a violin sleeping in a wardrobe, a vintage milk bottle in my cupboard and some old ballerina shoes that are patiently waiting for the next cold and rainy days to be transformed into unique and beautiful photographs.  I’m also working on a wonderful project for a friend who makes gorgeous bridal bouquets made of silk flowers.  I took many photos to build her a portfolio and I am currently editing them.  Here’s one of her bouquet.

bridal bouquet

You can visit her Facebook page here (the photos on her page are not from me), and contact her if you are interested in buying a bouquet.

Have  a lovely and hopefully warm week-end !