Clouds are angels’ drawings

Hello my dear friends !

Do you love clouds ?

I love them ! ¬†ūüôā

I prefer a beautiful sunny day with lots of decorative clouds (but not rain or storm clouds !) than a beautiful sunny day without a cloud in sight. ¬†I like them puffy and it amazes me to see the many different shapes they can turn into. ¬†When the wind blows gently the angels are playing and drawing in the clouds all kind of animals. ¬†Do you like lying on a hammock on a lazy summer day, ¬†just thinking of nothing and gazing at the clouds to find a dog, a rabbit, a cat or maybe an elephant ? ¬†And isn’t it the most magnificent spectacle ¬† when, at sunset, the sky and clouds are bathed in heavenly hues ?

The next two photos have way too much blue in them.  I tried to desaturate them a little to obtain a more realistic photo but I prefer them with too much blue by far.  They have such a dramatic effect ! I see them more as artistic photos where creativity knows no boundaries and where it is expressed and reflected through my photo editing.

The only time I prefer a cloudless sky is when I look at our beautiful and mysterious moon…

Isn’t it a beautiful planet we live on ?

Don’t forget to look at the sunset tonight, or maybe the sunrise tomorrow morning ? ¬†Have a beautiful day everyone !


I’m joining Skywatch Friday at Bluff Area Daily

I used Happy Heart texture from Kim Klassen on some of these photos.