Introducing Pinterest

Hello everyone !

This is my very first post, I’m new to blogland and as you can see I don’t have all the features we’re used to see on a blog yet.  I still have a lot to learn and I will be adding those features in the coming weeks…or months…!! as soon as I learn how it works !

I wanted to talk about the site Pinterest.  I discoved this site a few weeks ago and I just love it.  It’s a virtual pinboard where you create boards by adding images you find on the web to each board.  You can have as many boards you want, I saw people having a hundred boards ! and on any theme you want, and you can look unto other people’s boards and repin images you like from their boards to your boards.  Each image has a link to the website where it was found, so you can discover lots of sites and blogs there.  You can also follow people’s boards, add comments or search for images  by entering a key word in the search engine.  Here’s the link to the site  If you want to join, you have to request an invitation and a few days later you will receive one by e-mail. Here are some images coming from different boards of mine

This one comes from my board Everything Lavender

From my board Beautiful Flowers And Gardens

From my board So Shabby Chic

From my board Home Inspirations

From my board Falling Into Fall

From my board The World Of Angels And Fairies

You can take a look at all my boards here

Have a nice day !